• Where are you located? Will you Travel?

    I am located in the town of Leonia in Northern New Jersey.  Most of my work involves travel across the entire state of NJ and also NYC, PA, MD and Upstate NY.  We would love to travel and photograph your wedding wherever it is you decide to tie the knot.


  • How much do you charge for wedding day coverage?


    My base package starts at $2,900.00 and includes all day coverage.  If you are having a morning wedding or require less time, a customized collection at a reduced price can be made for you.



  • How long after the wedding does it take to get all our wedding images?

    I typically have all your images ready within two weeks. Several brides have viewed their wedding photos while on their honeymoon.  I can provide several references who can attest to this fact.



  • How long does it take to get my album?

    I need about a week or two to design your album. Then client review and revisions usually takes another week.  Once I place the album order with the vendor, turn around time is about 3-4 weeks.  So on average about two months.



  • How are my images delivered to me?

    All your images are delivered on a credit card size USB card enclosed in a safe and secure case. All the images are rendered high-resolution in separate folders like Getting Ready, Ceremony, Reception, Formals. Also included, is a proof folder containing every image captured, enabling you to easily view them on your computer. These proofs are rendered at a smaller size and are perfect for emailing to friends or posting on social media sites, such as Facebook.


  • Can my family and friends see my wedding pictures?

    Absolutely! I will create an online gallery of all your favorite images so everyone can see how beautiful you and your betrothed look.  This will also provide your guests an opportunity to order prints if they so desire.

  • How can I reserve my wedding date?  Can you hold my date?

    We require a deposit of $500.00 to reserve your wedding date. We do not hold any date without a deposit and signed contract. We reserve dates on a first come/first serve basis.



  • Should you give me a shot list?

    My job is to photograph your wedding and make sure I capture all of the once in a life time shots.  Looking down at a list will invariably hinder me from freezing a priceless moment in front of me.


    Several weeks before your wedding, we will have several in-depth conversations to plan what shots are most important to you. I will then create a game plan to make sure I capture them on your wedding day.



  • What if I request a second photographer?

    If you would like two photographers to cover your wedding then a second photographer will cost about $300.00. As the main photographer, I always shadow the bride while the second shooter  covers your fianc√©.  Once the ceremony starts we both are together for the remainder of the day.



  • What is your payment policy? Do you accept Credit Cards?

    A retainer of $500.00 of your contract amount is required to hold your date. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks before the wedding.  I accept Visa, MasterCard, cash or check and use Paypal to process all credit card orders.

  • Are my images safe?

    Absolutely!  I back up everything to multiple media devices insuring that your pictures are safe and secure.  I randomly swap out the camera's compact flash card throughout the day.  I backup on site to a portable hard drive each and every image I capture. Therefore, at the end of the day I definitely have two copies of every image. The import to my desktop at the studio is copy number three.



  • Do I get the rights to all the images?

    You may use all images for personal and non-commercial purposes -- including displaying them on websites and/or the reproduction of copies for family, wedding guests and friends. In addition, please consider that the publication of wedding related announcements or articles taken from engagements photos customarily include a copyright reference or a credit line for the photographer. You cannot permit or assist in any commercial use or sale of my images without specific consent of Bryan Madrid Photography.

  • How many images do you take on our wedding day?

    I take on average between 1,500 and 2,500 images. During my editing process, I dwindle this down to about 1500 to 2000 images. A good portion of those that are deleted are test shots.  I take test shots to gauge the lighting and the exposure, thereby enabling me to take the perfect picture.


  • Do you make any of the images black and white?

    Yes. After reviewing and editing all the images, I select about 50 of my favorite images from your wedding.  Those are duplicated and then converted to Black & White.



  • Do you offer a discount for weekday or off season weddings?

    Unfortunately, no matter what day your wedding is, it is still the same amount of work as it would be in prime season. Therefore, we do not offer discounts.



  • Do you have insurance?

    Absolutely. I can provide this to your venue if requested.



  • Do you touch up every photo?

    We do look at each image and edit for proper color, saturation, lighting and exposure. We do not do extensive editing, nor do we alter images from their original state. If you desire certain images to be enhanced to your liking, we can provide further edits per your instructions for a nominal fee.



  • Do you need a meal at our reception?

    That would be much appreciated!  My day usually start many hours before your reception. Our only request is that the venue knows we need to eat at the same time you are eating so we are then able to continue proper coverage as your night proceeds.


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