It's true I spell my name with a “y” instead of with an “i” like most other people.  Yes, that makes me a little different.  Then again, standing apart from the crowd is sometimes a very good thing and that has always been my approach to photography.  When people peruse the galleries of my work, they will definitely see my professionalism, but more importantly it has always been my goal to have my imagination and creativity pop off the screen when others view my work.  ‘Cookie cutter’ photography only requires that a shooter ‘point and click’ and take the same old shots, time after time.


Exceptional photographers have an inner creativity and vision and an innate ability to internalize the image they wish to capture before it appears in front of their lens.  Along with that they have a natural knack for knowing the exact moment to freeze an image in time.  My clients know that I am indeed a little different and for them that has always been a good thing.

Why did I choose photography as a career?  The simple answer is that I fell in love with the concept of creating images that will last forever.


How would my friends and clients describe me?  I am focused and thorough in everything I do.  I am not a procrastinator.  My turnaround time in getting images to you after the wedding is measured in weeks, not months.


I am by nature a people person and many times have become a good friend of my clients and not just one of their vendors.  I love what I do.  I put everything I have into every assignment I receive and strive to put my heart into every shot I take.  I am very proud of the fact that never in my career has a bride been unhappy with my work.


I realize and respect the fact that every bride is unique and has different dreams and desires for her own wedding day.  That is why Bryan Madrid Photography does not have a "one size fits all" mentality when it comes to your wedding.


Together we can paint your day with creativity and vision.  Please allow me to help you capture forever all your precious memories.

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