Mark Twain once said: “You cannot depend on your eyes if your imagination is out of focus.”  My style as a photographer is a combination of imagination, creativity, romance and simplicity.   I am a firm believer in the old adage that if ‘something is worth doing, it is worth doing right.’ My advance preparation before a shoot is meticulous.  Perfect moments do not slip away from me because when I am working, my focus and concentration are locked on every facet of the occasion at hand.


I am flexible to any instructions or wishes you may have before the wedding and adaptable to any situation that arises during your special day.  I am sensitive to the importance of getting “the shot” but not intrusive so as to be annoying.  My style is continually evolving and I will never allow it to become stagnant.  I always strive to keep the energy level high and that makes my job easier and very enjoyable.


When people are truly having fun and are relaxed, that is when the best images appear almost effortlessly in front of my lens. I will capture all the traditional shots of the day, but I will also strive to tell a story to insure that the memories of your wedding stay vivid for a lifetime.


When ever I am photographing the bride and groom I always live by these 4 rules:


01. Look for the direction of the light. Properly placed lighting, natural or hand held will always add dimension and character to a photograph.


02. Look for a complimentary spot, making sure the background does not detract from the photograph.


03. Pick a pose that suits the person. Not every pose works for every individual.


04. Evoke emotion.  This is the most important rule.  If the image does not evoke a response or reaction, then try another spot, position or angle.




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