Amy & Steve

November 16, 2017

Amy Barkalow & Steve DiRenzo

Venue - David's Country Inn

Want to know a cool thing about Amy and Steve?

Steve built his wife a table! Talk about talent.

I loved photographing these two at their David’s Country Inn wedding, because this couple is just bursting with passion. They’re both die-hard New York Giants fans … so much so that Amy even had a little New York Giants team logo on her bridal garter!

About the Couple

Amy and Steve are just the right amount of traditional and modern. They specifically asked me to get a shot of their wedding bands inside a Bible, and I love the symbolism of it. As you can see, these two couldn’t stop beaming the entire day. They’re just laid-back, fun, and happy-go-lucky. And fortunately for me, that’s exactly the best kind of person to photograph on a wedding day!

You can clearly see that Amy is the center of Steve’s world, and he just dotes on her. I love the image of him sitting down and just watching her look at herself in the mirror. So much love is communicated right there!


David’s Country Inn was the perfect setting for this couple. Amy and Steve were confident in their vibe and very true to their vision. David’s Country Inn provided the perfect backdrop for both the traditional and the more unique parts of their decor.

For example, Amy stuck to very classic and beautiful jewelry and styling, and she kept it clean with a very neat and chic hairdo. But check out those gorgeous cream roses and that stunning blush gown! Wow! That’s how you pack a punch with simple yet stunning details.

Amy and Steve give off that perfect no-fuss vibe that just makes you instantly comfortable. Now, don’t get me wrong -- they’ve got a ton of personality and spirit.

Don’t believe me? Well, just check out that photo of Amy and Steve kissing in the wonderful on-site vintage photo booth. I was starting to get a little uncomfortable being the third wheel -- you can’t fake that kind of passion!

Family is everything for these two. The getting-ready moments were some of my favorite to photograph. Both Amy and Steve just seemed so at-ease and content being among their most loved ones.

This wedding was all about warmth. It was late fall, so it’s that time where everyone’s seeking coziness. And I love how Amy and Steve warmed up the room and played off the homeyness of the venue with strategically placed taper candles and tea lights. All those whites and creams in the dresses and the flowers gave the whole event a timeless holiday feel.

The midnight blue bridesmaid dresses really pop. Amy’s bridal party is such a diverse group of women, and yet somehow they all look so bonded and uniquely beautiful in that same dress!

And I always love the subtle holiday details from these late-November David’s Country inn weddings. The seasonal swag on the banisters gives a subtle nod to that wonderful time of year. It works especially well, since everyone’s always thinking family and togetherness in that week around Thanksgiving.

What better way to capture that spirit than with a wedding?

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Congratulations, Amy & Steve!

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