Ashley & Joe

November 16, 2017

Ashley Skiba & Joe Zevallo

Venue - David's Country Inn

I never like to play favorites among the weddings I cover. Each bride that I photograph is happy, beautiful, and so in love in her own unique and wonderful way.

But when I met Ashley and Joe, I couldn’t help but be incredibly touched. They have an unbelievable story.

Shooting Ashley and Joe’s wedding was one of the most emotional experiences of my life.

About the Couple

At the time I met Ashley and Joe, I learned that Ashley’s older sister had passed away two years earlier due to brain cancer.


Moments later, I learned that Ashley had been diagnosed with the exact same condition.

There are no words.

I can’t even imagine her quiet strength and bravery, as she faced each day just focused on loving her fiance Joe and putting on a brave face as she went about life without giving in to worry about the future. Ashley told me that she had always dreamed of a storybook wedding, and all the photos that go with that.

She had her fairytale groom. She had her dream venue, in David’s Country Inn. Here she was, asking me to be the final piece in her puzzle -- a photographer who understood her story and who was dedicated to getting the most incredible images from this wonderful day that she’d always envisioned.

How could I say no?


David’s Country Inn is a popular venue for brides who love vintage elegance and rustic chic.

But what I loved about Ashley and Joe’s wedding is that they’re not your “typical” David’s Country Inn couple. With her gorgeous floral half-sleeve tattoos and jaw-dropping red hair, Ashley’s just a vision.

It’s a true testament to both Ashley and David’s Country Inn that this place -- which contains so many original elements from the 1840s -- looks so natural and wonderful with a beautiful modern bride such as Ashley.

This colorful couple just lights up the room with their love for each other. Ashley’s fashion and style is dramatic, bold, and unique. And as you can see from the photos, Joe complements her perfectly, and they’ve got the most stunning friends and family! These two are just the right amount of old-fashioned flair and forward-thinking trendsetters.

Don’t you just love those baby’s breath bouquets for the bridesmaids? It’s such an inspired choice for wedding flowers. As an added bonus, it packs a real visual punch in the photos!

I could go on forever about Ashley’s mantilla veil, the amazing Art Deco beading on her dress, and those sharp-as-a-tack charcoal suits for the guys. I mean, this wedding ought to be in style magazines!

But one thing that never goes out of style? It’s that powerful sense of confidence and individuality that just flowed from Ashley and Joe.

I have to confess: a future bride came to me recently after finding this very photo gallery on my website. She told me that what made her give me a call was that shot of Ashley sitting on the maroon couch, tattoo sleeve on full and beautiful display.

This potential client told me that the one shot gave such a clear picture of Ashley’s amazing personality and her unassuming beauty. She ended up hiring me based on that alone.

I share this story with extreme humble gratitude. It’s such a privilege to be asked to take part in such a meaningful and wonderful day in people’s lives. I truly love my job and the incredible brides and grooms that I get to meet every day.

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Congratulations, Ashley & Joe!

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