Brittany & John

November 16, 2017

Brittany Natiello & John Garland

Venue - David's Country Inn

“When you know, you just know.”

As a wedding photographer, that’s a phrase I’ve heard couples use a lot. It’s how people describe the moment they knew they were meant to be with their spouse.

And it’s a feeling I’ve had myself. For me, it happens when I meet with a couple for the first time, and I can just sense the power of their love for each other. It’s the feeling I get when I know that I’d love to be involved with this special couple’s special day!

After I first met Brittany and John, this is exactly how I felt.

From the moment that I met Brittany and John, I could see how much they adored each other. Brittany is the perfect combination of sassy and sweet. John is devoted and loyal.

And together? I mean, talk about making my job easy! These two are beyond photogenic.

And as I’ve come to learn from my many years in this industry: There’s one thing that makes two people truly glow when you take a picture of them. It’s when they feel completely happy with each other and in love. You just can’t fake it. These two have tons of that!


Brittany and John chose the beautiful David’s Country Inn venue in Hackettstown, NJ. I’ve shot many weddings there, and I’m always impressed by how couples make use of the vintage elegance of this magnificent and historic restored building. I just love how Brittany and John paired the classic details of the venue with their own personal touches. Check out how the image of David’s Country Inn’s famous 170-year-old hand-carved mahogany bar, featuring a hilarious sign that Brittany and John provided, reading: “Trust Me, You Can Dance. -Vodka”   Love that contemporary touch on a piece of furniture dating back to the 1800s.

Talk about making it your own!   And check out those gorgeous purple flowers and mauve bridesmaid dresses, paired with Brittany’s absolutely jaw-dropping pearl-encrusted illusion backless gown! I love how she set them against the warm details of the David’s Country Inn stained glass ceiling, classic piano, and vintage phone booth.    Just … wow.

I was fortunate enough to do an engagement session with Brittany and John last year, so I had a good sense of their bubbly playfulness. These two are gorgeous, no doubt about it. I’ve looked through the outtakes, and I can confirm to you: Neither Brittany or John is capable of taking a bad photo. (Life really isn’t fair!).

But my favorite part was just how much fun these two had with their pictures. Can’t you just feel the contagious joy in these images? As we got more comfortable with each other, I’d give Brittany just a little bit of direction and she would work it, baby! I just love that kind of fearlessness. It really makes my job a breeze.

And it’s how we captured these wonderful shots of Brittany playfully jumping up on the bar, or that romantic shot of the two of them kissing in the hallway. I can just picture Brittany and John’s grandkids looking at those in the future and being totally impressed with how amazingly fun this couple is!

The gorgeous purple up lights in the ballroom really pulled the rich, eye-popping color scheme together. And check out the subtle holiday swag on the ballroom banisters. Brittany and John got married in late November, and I absolutely love these little nods to the joy of the holiday season.

This David’s Country Inn wedding was a beautiful mix of classic details and modern playfulness. Gorgeous couple, stunning venue, and lots of love all around. How could you go wrong?

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Congratulations, Brittany & John!

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