Danielle & Boris

November 16, 2017

Danielle & Boris

Angel Orensanz Manhattan

11/11/12 All brides are beautiful on their wedding day. But how many brides can say that they stopped traffic on their wedding day? I shot Danielle & Boris’ wedding at New York City’s Angel Orensanz Center. As you can see, these two were a vision. Just stunning. Manhattan agrees! How do I know? Well, Danielle and Boris got ready for their big day one block from the Angel Orensanz Center. When the time came to walk over to the ceremony, Danielle & Boris’ loving entourage of friends, family, and bridal party members was simply too big to fit on the sidewalk. What could we do? Out of necessity, Danielle & Boris and their well-wishers walked in the street. Imagine this: the insanity of Lower Manhattan on a weekend afternoon. Tons of taxis and cars with places to be.

Do you think those famously impatient drivers of New York City dared to honk at this incredibly stylish, happy, stunning couple? No way! About the Couple I try to live by the motto that the client is always right. But I must admit that I had a little trouble when dapper groom Boris -- along with his incredibly fun and easygoing friends -- kept insisting that I go toe-to-toe with them as they happily drank celebratory shots while getting ready! I’m afraid that I couldn’t keep up whatsoever, but I’ll never forget how warm and welcoming this crew was to me. This is what makes wedding photography so incredibly rewarding and worthwhile.

Danielle, of course, is just gorgeous. She lit up every single frame with that sweet, megawatt smile of hers. These two are just the perfect pair! It’s like there’s an electric current between them whenever they’re together. And you just can’t fake those laughs and smiles that they bring out of each other -- and in everyone around them. Location Manhattan’s Angel Orensanz Foundation Center for the Arts is truly iconic. This Gothic Revival-style synagogue is the oldest surviving synagogue building in New York City.

The Angel Orensanz Center is historic, and it has tons of rich celebrity connections (Sarah Jessica Parker married Matthew Broderick there in 1997!). It’s been used in movies and fashion shows, always to stunning artistic effect. Personality A dramatic and iconic venue demands a truly iconic couple, and that was Danielle and Boris! Everything about these two is epic. From their style, to their personalities -- and most of all, to their love for each other -- they did everything with wonderful flair. The shot of Danielle striking a sorority pose in front of her bridesmaids is one of my favorites! Special Details Let’s talk about that dress. Again, all wedding dresses are beautiful when they’re worn by a happy bride. Danielle’s gown was a real showstopper! She chose Kleinfeld’s -- a New York City icon -- and the result is truly mind-blowing. Danielle and Boris’ color scheme -- with subtle blues, purples, and mossy eucalyptus green -- contributed to the breathtaking imagery. (And those colors were used to stunning effect around the chuppah.) Simple black bridesmaid dresses, Danielle’s stylish lace bolero jacket, and Boris’ dapper lavender tie selection (for both himself and his groomsmen) are just icing on an already beautiful cake. 

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Congratulations, Danielle & Boris!

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