Grace & Miles

November 16, 2017

Grace & Miles

Thayer Hotel @ West Point



One of the wonderful traditions of military weddings is the saber ceremony ritual. It’s when, right after the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom pass under an arch made of sabers. Their military friends hold the sabers up to the sky to make the arch. When the couple passes through it, they absorb all that wonderful support surrounding them.

I love to see it. It’s so humbling to witness proud traditions that have such rich ceremony and history behind them.

And from my perspective as photographer -- the images it creates are simply unforgettable!


About the Couple

What do you get when you take a die-hard Star Wars fan with a military background and add in his perfect mate?

You get Miles and Grace, of course! Just look at these two -- they’re on the same wavelength of style and personality. They were such a joy to work with. Just all-around kind, bubbly, and fun.

Check out the drama of that shot of Grace and Miles embracing on top of Trophy Point. Stunning! And you can even see a little peek of Grace’s “something blue” -- those wonderful robin’s egg-colored shoes!


West Point is an incredible venue for a wedding. You get it all: history, architecture, and even nature. Grace & Miles were married in the Catholic chapel on campus, and then we did traditional bridal party shots at Trophy Point.

The chapel is a wonderful, traditional backdrop for photos. It provides those classic elements like beautiful stained glass, lovingly carved pews, and graceful archways.

Trophy Point is a scenic overlook that offers spectacular views of the Hudson River. This 120-year-old spot was the place where West Point graduation ceremonies were held, until the class size became prohibitively large for the space.

I think this scenic spot is the perfect place for a different kind of “graduation” -- that is, when a couple moves from being a pair of singles to being united as one in marriage!


When I say that Grace was a doll, I’m not just talking about her beauty. She’s such a sweet and kind woman! Miles was just the same: a true gentleman. He’s her perfect counterpart.

And together? Grace and Miles feed off each other’s loving and nurturing nature beautifully. You really can’t fake the kind of tenderness that they share.

Another thing I reallly loved about these two is the strength of their bonds with family and friends. It’s traditional to grab a group shot of the bride with her bridesmaids. But there’s something really special and fun about the way these ladies supported each other and laughed with each other as they posed on Trophy Point. This is the best of what friendship has to offer. How wonderful to have your sisters by your side on your big day -- whether they’re your biological sisters or your spiritual sisters.

Special Details

Pretty in pink! Grace was your classic blushing bride -- literally. That soft, pastel pink that she chose for everything from her bouquets to those wonderful oversized oxfords that she and her bridesmaids wore to get ready -- it all complements her simple style so beautifully. Angelic!

And those soft, subtle colors look stunning next to the bolder tones around this venue, like the purples of the stained glass window and the sharp blues of Miles’ and his groomsmen’s military uniforms.

Grace’s bridal style was timeless and classic. She kept things sleek and stunning with her perfect gown and veil.


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Congratulations, Grace & Miles!



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