Jean & Scott

November 16, 2017

‍Jean & Scott

Thayer Hotel @ West Point



At West Point Military Academy, rules are serious business.

That’s why I loved this moment at Jean & Scott’s wedding: As the the bridal party and I approached Buffalo Field, where all the cadets gather for drills, we encountered a West Point tour guide showing the local landmarks to a group of visitors.

“No one is allowed on this field,” the tour guide said, while pointing to Buffalo Field.

And that’s the moment that Major Scott and Jean proceeded to walk right out onto the field!

When the tourists asked their guide what was happening, he was quick to add: “Well, he’s allowed.”

The rules are different for a couple on their wedding day. (We got pre-clearance to use the field, of course! But it did make for an entertaining moment.)


About the Couple


These two were so down-to-earth and fun. Check out how their smiles don’t fade even as the sprinkles rolled in -- in fact, I think that’s when they smiled brighter!

Jean and Scott look absolutely gorgeous in the rain. They remind me of Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling in that iconic film scene in The Notebook showing true love!

This couple wasn’t afraid to show off their playful side. I’m so glad I got to capture this fun-loving crew as they indulged in celebratory cigars. And they weren’t afraid to start the party on that private bridal party limo, either!



Jean and Scott were married at Cadet Chapel -- the visually stunning Gothic fortress that serves as the center of religious activities at West Point Military Academy. This huge granite landmark has over a century of history. It also has wonderful details like stained glass windows and silver plates on the pews engraved with the signatures of General Douglas MacArthur, General Maxwell Taylor, and more.

This was the perfect location for a classic wedding that tied in wonderful nods to both religious and military traditions. It suited this pair perfectly!

Being in such a great venue allowed us to take a variety of unique shots. That wonderful image of the couple in the rain with their umbrellas was taken on the side lawn of the Admiral’s House.



Scott is a major, which explains both his uniform and the saber arch ritual that these two participated in right after their ceremony. I love the formality and tradition of it! For those not aware, the saber arch is a military wedding tradition where the bride and groom pass under an arch of sabers as they exit the building where they just got married. There’s quite a bit of protocol involved, for the sake of respect (and for the sake of safety!). I loved capturing Jean and Scott’s tender kiss underneath it.

That’s these two in a nutshell -- they’re proud to honor their traditions, but they’re not afraid to put a little passion and fun into the mix!

Special Details

This is how you pick your colors -- check out that wonderful interplay of charcoal gray and bright pink! Such an inspired choice. The grays of the bridesmaid dresses (and Jean’s lovely bridal belt) provide such a wonderful nod to the stately shades of granite in West Point’s wonderful medieval architecture. And the pink makes it all pop!

Speaking of pop -- can you believe how incredible Jean’s dramatic cascade bridal bouquet looks? Those roses and dendrobium orchids look truly magnificent. Jean really carries them well. And I think they look pretty great in the rain!


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Congratulations, Jean & Scott!

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