Jenny & Charles

November 16, 2017

Jenny Lopez & Charles Dedering

Venue - David's Country Inn

Take a moment to admire Jenny and Charles playing piano together in front of that truly special accent wall at David’s Country Inn.

Wow! That just says it all -- their teamwork, dazzle, and just sheer joy of being together. That’s exactly what a wedding at this special venue is all about.

These two were just … fun! You just can’t look at Jenny’s smile and not smile yourself. It’s impossible!

Check out the vintage typewriter, where Jenny & Charles left a printout of a few lyrics from the Bob Dylan classic “To Make You Feel My Love” inside. Timeless words for a timeless love.

See, that’s just the kind of couple that these two are. They’ve got a quiet passion and an absolutely bulletproof bond. You can just feel the depth of their connection from looking at them!

Jenny and Charles loved color and a little bit of bling for their wedding, and they picked the perfect venue to showcase that! David’s Country Inn provided a stunning country hospitality backdrop for all the bright pinks and deep purples that these two used for their wedding decor.

Everything balances so nicely -- that two-story mahogany-trimmed ballroom against Jenny’s rhinestone-encrusted heels; that incredible stained glass ceiling against her classic Tiffany rings. These are the timeless images that all brides dream of!

Jenny and Charles placed an old photo of the two of them handing out and made it into a signature board -- what a great idea! These two are easy-going and fun, but don’t get the wrong idea -- they also know how to amp up the glamour and razzle-dazzle.

Check out that photo of Jenny singing along to Charles while the two had their first dance as a married couple. They shared such a sweet ease with each other that absolutely leaps out of all these wedding images. Just pure contentment at being with the right person.

September is a wonderful month to get married at David’s Country Inn. The weather is gorgeous this time of year, more often than not -- and luckily, that was the case for Jenny and Charles’ day!

Jenny and Charles made wonderful use of purple shades for their theme and decor. From the rich satin eggplant bridesmaids gowns, to the subtle periwinkle uplights in the ballroom, to the beautiful flowers -- wow! This is how you tie a wedding color theme together flawlessly.

Jenny and Charles are a couple who can move with ease between vintage details and trendy hipness. All the neat little details at David’s Country Inn really let them show that off. One of my favorite shots is of the two of them kissing in front of that iconic 170-year-old hand-carved mahogany and brass bar. Wow! That’s how you combine antique details and of-the-moment fashions with true style.

These two took advantage of the gorgeous autumn light, and we got some great images of them enjoying that seasonal glow both inside and outside David’s Country Inn.

I love how the light came through those stained glass windows, for example. But I don’t know what was brighter -- those pretty colors in the glass, or those megawatt smiles from this couple!

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Congratulations, Jenny & Charles!

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