Julie & Daniel

November 16, 2017

Julie Lee & Daniel Lha

Venue - David's Country Inn

I first met Julie and Daniel when we did an engagement shoot a couple months before their wedding in Central Park. As fate would have it, that day there was a torrential downpour, so we had to use umbrellas during the shoot!

Thankfully, the weather cooperated on their wedding day. (True, rain at a wedding is supposed to be good luck, but it can put quite a damper … literally … on the logistics of taking photos!)

About the Couple

Julie’s an avid runner who has completed several marathons in under 4 hours, including the NYC and Boston marathons. Wow! (And after I learned that, it all made sense when she sprinted out onto the dance floor. Here’s a woman who doesn’t waste her time getting from point A to point B!)

Julie and Daniel have such a sweet bond. Their shared smiles show how they can be silly with each other one moment, and tender the next. And the deep family tradition from their Korean heritage made for a truly moving and meaningful wedding day.


Well, I’m pretty sure this wedding proves that David’s Country Inn is a great backdrop for any kind of event. Julie and Daniel made wonderful use of some very special Korean wedding traditions, and it all played out so beautifully in front of the classic backdrop of David’s Country Inn. These two used just the right amount of color -- in their case, bright cornflower blue and goldenrod -- and you really get a sense of that mid-summer magical glow at this beautiful Victorian venue.

These two have a really amazing quality about them: They just couldn’t stop giggling! You can see it in a lot of the shots, including the formal one. That kind of trait is truly infectious, of course. Just look at Julie breaking into a laugh at the altar after saying her vows -- how can you not smile?

Now, of course that doesn’t mean that these two didn’t feel touched and moved by the importance of their big day. Check out Julie’s mom dabbing away tears as she and Julie’s dad looked over the program while they waited for the ceremony to begin. Or, how about Julie tearing up on the dance floor as she danced with her dad?

I love that -- there was such a strong vibe of family love and respect for tradition at this wedding. You can’t help but be moved. I loved the steely hues and pale pearly tones that Julie chose for her wedding day. These two were graceful and restrained, but they clearly knew how to have fun with each other.

And check out those eye-grabbing matching pearl necklaces that Julie’s bridesmaids wore! This crew had an amazing eye for great little details like that, and it really gives a crisp and unified look to the pictures. (Thank you for making my job easier, Julie!)

These two made incredible use of flowers. From the classic bouquets to that arresting arbor, woven with ferns and roses -- breathtaking!

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Congratulations, Julie & Daniel!

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