Lauren & Brian

November 16, 2017

Lauren & Brian

Venue - David's Country Inn

Stunning elegance.

That’s how I’d describe Lauren & Brian’s vibe. These two gave off a super-down-to-earth vibe, and yet they had this quiet sophistication and incredible glamour about them. That’s not an easy combination to pull off!

Lauren and Brian are the quintessential David’s Country Inn wedding couple. All the little details of their wedding -- from that lace-appliqued wedding cake, to Lauren’s jaw-dropping long-sleeve gown, to the incredible cascading yellow bouquet -- it all just worked together.

… Much like these two as a couple!

About the Couple

This couple is all about family and friends. You could really feel the strong bonds and support that Lauren and Brian enjoy from their loved ones.

Since these two wanted to maximize time with their guests, they wisely scheduled a first look before the wedding ceremony. This gave them ample time to mix and mingle after getting married. And it also allowed Brian to take a moment to recompose himself after seeing Lauren in her wedding dress.

Understandably, he was left totally speechless by his soon-to-be-wife!


David’s Country Inn is a dream venue for a couple like Lauren and Brian. All the stunningly ornate details of this historic venue just play so beautifully off the exquisite accessories that these two brought!. Lauren and Brian just look so put-together in this space. Among the carved clocks, vintage portraits, and delicately detailed furniture … they just belong.

It’s kind of like the way you can tell they belong with each other!

The shot of Brian with his arms outstretched at the bottom of the stairs has got to be one of my favorites from the entire day. His smile says 1,000 words -- he’s getting ready to marry the woman of his dreams, after all!

These two radiate a distinguished calmness both to the world and to each other. That tender series of shots with the two of them in front of the iconic 170-year-old hand-carved David’s Country Inn mahogany bar -- wow! That’s what love looks like.

I get a bit of a kick out of the shot of Lauren and Brian looking down and waving to their family and friends from behind the gorgeous banister. These two were totally down to earth, but I can’t help but think that they look a bit like royalty there. (And maybe that’s also because Lauren’s stunning and unique long-sleeved lace gown looks kind of like Kate Middleton’s.) Hey, if the shoe fits!

These two are so stylish. The restrained drama of Lauren’s bouquet and the delicate white aisle runner are just two small details that really impressed me, in a wedding that was full of thoughtful style choices. Lauren’s classic updo -- as well as that show-stopper pearl strand and bejeweled rose in her hair -- took this couple’s sophistication to a whole new level.

And flowers, flowers, flowers! These two made GREAT use of them. From the icing rosettes on top of their cake, to the delicate petals spread out over their sweetheart table -- their love was in full bloom!

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Congratulations, Lauren & Brian!

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