Megan & Justin

November 16, 2017

Megan Schinski & Justin High

Venue - David's Country Inn

July is a great month to get married at David’s Country Inn. It’s summer, so everyone’s in a good relaxed mode. And I always love the bright colors and neat decor items that show up in July weddings. All those gorgeous shades look so nice against the rich, deep mahogany of David’s Country Inn.

With all that said, I should go ahead and point out the obvious: The pretty colors pale in comparison to the brightest light in the room: bubbly bride Megan!

About the Couple

These two are a barrel of laughs. I had such an incredible time with the bridal party as they got ready all day. Here’s a crew of people who love to have fun! (Don’t you just love that sign over the name card table, stating: “Your place is on the dance floor”? Amazing!)

Megan and Justin are sweet, caring, and totally devoted to each other. They’re just the right amount of classic/formal and sassy/fun. Just like their wedding venue, David’s Country Inn!


David’s Country Inn is a place where you can soak in all the history and tradition -- but you can also hop right up on that 170-year-old bar or sit down at that gorgeous, working vintage piano. Megan and Justin did both of those things, and I love the images that resulted!

David’s Country Inn is truly a venue that you can “make your own.” Check out Justin’s purple camouflage socks, which he thoughtfully matched with his groomsmen -- that snazzy footwear looks pretty cool against the shiny brass detail from the hand-carved mahogany bar!

These two have personality by the boatload! Megan and Justin had a super-sweet recurring theme of making little hearts with their hands when the other couldn’t see. I think it resulted in some really touching images.

Megan’s warm openness comes through in all the shots of her. From the pre-ceremony shot where she’s lounging on that burgundy settee with her bouquet, to the shot of her beaming at the altar -- you can just see how much of a sweetheart she is!

Whenever these two were together, you could genuinely sense how they drew such a deep strength and love from each other. And check out that triumphant fist pump from Megan as these two were introduced for the first time as a married couple! You can’t fake that kind of joy.

I just love all the thoughtful signs that Megan and Justin used to explain the special parts of their lives. With handwritten boards, they explained things like who was in the bridal party, as well as how the couple’s love blossomed into this beautiful union. All these little touches really make you notice how these two really light up the lives of their friends and family.

Now, I wouldn’t want to sell Justin short -- those purple socks are quite amazing. But Megan’s beautifully beaded gown and veil were simply incredible. That breathtaking pencil-edge veil and those amazing 3-D appliques on her dress? Truly divine.

These two made great use of complementary colors -- check out how the gorgeous goldenrods play against the beautiful blues. And of course -- the rich gold, deep brown, and pretty pink of David’s Country Inn ties it all together into one absolutely stunning package.

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Congratulations, Megan & Justin!

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