Mirlaine & Pernell

November 16, 2017

Mirlaine Onelien & Pernell Brice

Venue - David's Country Inn

You can’t buy a million-dollar smile … even for a million dollars!

I’m just stating the obvious when I say that David’s Country Inn bride Mirlaine has one of those mega-watt, infectious smiles. And nothing made her smile more than seeing her groom, Pernell. 

It’s becoming rarer and rarer for couples to avoid seeing each other until the ceremony, but that’s what this old-fashioned duo did, and I just love how their genuine surprise and happiness comes through in their photos!

And just like a million-dollar smile -- that look of true love is totally priceless!

About the Couple

Tender. Devoted. Spunky!. Those were just a few of the words I’d use to describe Mirlaine and Pernell … and their love for each other. I love all the shots of Mirlaine leading Pernell around the venue. 

She’s a woman who knows what she wants, and he’s a man who’s smart enough to understand that it’s a blessing! These two are just the right amount of traditional and colorful. I love how they blended classic, timeless elements -- like Mirlaine’s Tiffany bracelet and Pernell’s gorgeous lily boutonniere -- with a neat procession of flags from the U.S., Haiti, Ethiopia and Belize. What a special touch! Can’t you just feel the infectious energy of the dance floor, with all the flags waving in harmony?


The shot of Mirlaine vamping in front of that classic green door is what David’s Country Inn weddings are all about. It’s a versatile backdrop for brides like Mirlaine to use as a canvas for their timeless creativity!

And don’t you just love that tender shot of Mirlaine touching Pernell in front of a painted portrait in the hallway? That just takes my breath away. It’s traditional and modern all in one image!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Centenary College, the setting for Mirlaine and Pernell’s formal portraits. It’s about 5 blocks away from David’s Country Inn, so getting to and from there had to be timed with a bit of military-grade precision! (Luckily, we secured permission ahead of time to shoot on the college grounds. They even let us go inside the main building, which is how we got those stunning shots of the couple. Don’t they just glow?)

Mirlaine & Pernell’s wedding was all about tradition. Don’t you love those family photos the couple put up in the cocktail room? And how about those amazingly memorable country flags that they gave out during the reception! Those kind of props are a true photographer’s dream. It all sums up the beautiful melting pot vibe of this wedding in a way that just words alone cannot.

David’s Country Inn acts as the perfect setting for a classic couple like Mirlaine and Pernell. You get that rich sense of history, with all of the venue’s warm details, like that classic hand-carved mahogany bar. But you also get the unique touches and pride of this couple’s awesome traditions.

Special Details

This very thoughtful couple wrote their own vows, and their individuality really showed through in all of the details of their special day. Mirlaine could clearly wear a garbage bag and still be gorgeous, but I absolutely loved the rich purple accents of this couple’s invitations, lily bouquets, signage, and more.

And speaking of signage, I love how Mirlaine took the initiative and came prepared with her own “Bride,” “Groom,” and “Just Married” signs. Crafty!

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Congratulations, Mirlaine & Pernell!

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