Nicole & Steve

November 16, 2017

Nicole Gutekunst & Steve Ross

Venue - David's Country Inn

Well, it’s official: After diehard Philadelphia Eagles fans Nicole & Steve said their vows … they officially had more rings than their beloved NFL team.

That was the quote that their DJ used to introduce this down-to-earth couple for their first dance. It was the perfect moment to encapsulate the laid-back and just fun-loving vibe of this sweet pair!

It’s also kind of a theme for this deeply connected twosome.

Nicole & Steve had a gorgeous vintage backdrop -- thanks to their classic choice of David’s Country Inn as a venue. And they rocked some truly inspired pale purple decor, which complemented the gorgeous late spring azalea blooms around David’s Country Inn PERFECTLY!

But as a photographer, I’ve learned that some elements of my images go beyond the nuts & bolts of the venue and the decorations.

In the bride’s own words: “The couple that roots together … stays together.” You can’t help but to root for these two Eagles diehards when you look at them!

About the Couple

The moment I first met Nicole & Steve, we all instantly connected. I just loved their low-key, under-the-radar personalities. I could sense that neither of them tried to be the center of attention … but at the same time, their deep and powerful bond really makes you stop and take notice.

Nicole was amazingly organized and detail-oriented. I love that! We did a first look photo session before the ceremony. It was a great way to take some extra time and get a nice set of photos that was both relaxed yet formal.

Those shots of Nicole & Steve in front of the iconic, 170-year-old hand-carved mahogany bar at David’s Country Inn just take my breath away. That exquisite pale bouquet, the bride’s elegant blush-toned gown … and most of all, the sweet look of low-key happiness and excitement that these two share.

I mean … wow. That’s the kind of happiness that money can’t buy! It was such a deep honor and privilege for me to be there, and to capture it all on camera.


Nicole & Steve are the perfect type of David’s Country Inn couple. Their wedding played off the venue perfectly. They combined vintage and modern elements, and they matched dazzling colors against subtle neutral tones. It all made for some great images that were true classics!


These two are both practical and romantic. Nothing shows that more than Nicole’s amazing choice of wedding footwear -- sequined sneakers! And the couple was so thoughtful to provide flip-flops for those dance-floor diehards. That’s just the kind of considerate couple that these two are.

Just like David’s Country Inn, Nicole & Steve are just the right amount of bold and classic. I particularly love the shots of Nicole peering out those gorgeous vintage windows around the venue. When you pick such a classic and beautiful venue, it’s wonderful to seize those built-in photo opps. These two definitely did that!

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Congratulations, Nicole & Steve!

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