Rawna & William

November 16, 2017

Rawna & William

Ocean Pines Culf Club

Even when I’m on vacation from being a professional photographer I’m never really on vacation from photography.

I always bring my camera gear wherever I go, even if it’s for leisure. While vacations are for resting, they’re also for being inspired.

And the idea that I would be among beautiful scenery, with a mindset of inspiration, but without anything to capture that moment? Now that’s a truly scary thought!

Thank goodness I had my gear on me when I met the lovely Rawna & Will Smith (not the movie star, but just as charismatic!).

These two saw my gear and asked me if I was a professional photographer. They said they had just started dating and didn’t have any quality pictures of each other.

We got to chatting, and I mentioned that I had been coming down to Ocean City, MD for many years with my family. One of my great passions is photographing the wild ponies on Assateague Island.

Will said he had a four-wheel drive vehicle and that he would be happy to take me all the way down the beach to the Virginia state line. That’s about an 8-mile beach ride! How could I pass that up?

That’s the story of how I met Rawna and William. They got those “quality couple photos” they were after, I got to photograph wild ponies … and later, I had the honor of shooting this generous and beautiful couple on their wedding day at Ocean Pines Golf Club.

About the Couple

These two are so incredibly connected. I loved how comfortable and fun they both were! After spending just a little bit of time with them, I instantly realized that these two bring out the best in each other. Check out the shot of these two posing and vogueing while holding up picture frames. That kind of bond is pretty as a picture!

Rawna and William are a sweet, tender, and playful duo. As you can see in that wonderful image of these two hiding behind a lollipop -- they’ve both got these warm, inviting smiles that are just infectious.


The Atlantic coastline is such a breathtakingly beautiful backdrop for a wedding. When Rawna and William chose to get married here, they picked a true winner. The Ocean Pines Golf Club is a wonderful, classic choice for a wedding. And yet the flavor of the surrounding area really provides a uniqueness that led to some striking and remarkable images. This spot had everything!

It’s got picturesque landmarks, like that lovely pier and that evocative bench on the jetty. You’ve also got the sheer beauty of nature -- those crashing waves, the dramatic rocks, and the gorgeous greenery. And finally, you’ve got the wonderful regional elements, like that art shop and the amazing local mural that you can see these two posing in front of.

That’s how you maximize a venue!


I knew it from the moment I first met them. Rawna and William just get each other. You can see it in these images. Whenever they’re together, they move as one -- leaning together, always laughing with each other, as if sharing a private joke that nobody else in the world understands.

View Their Wedding

Congratulations Rawna & William!!

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