Renee & Kyle

November 16, 2017

Renee & Kyle

Venue - David's Country Inn

Renee & Kyle



Timeless beauty.

That’s exactly what you’re seeing with Renee, a gorgeous and classic David’s Country Inn bride.  

I had the honor of shooting her December wedding with Kyle.

These two just radiate love. I could feel it when I was in their presence, and you can see it when you look at these photos from their stunning wedding day.


About the Couple


When I first met Renee, I was bowled over. I’m not just talking about that sweet, infectious smile of hers. I’m talking about her personality. Renee has this princess-soft voice and an incredibly warm and polite demeanor. I just knew I had to work with this couple!

And I can’t leave out Kyle. Kyle complements Renee perfectly. As you can see in these photos, they have fun together! But they’re also each other’s rock. You may see Kyle’s cane in a few photos. He battled serious illness in the past and nearly died. That’s what makes his strong and pleasant demeanor all the more remarkable. Talk about inspiring.




David’s Country Inn is a wonderful choice for winter weddings! I just loved this couple’s eye for dramatic details -- from deep red rose bouquets, to those stunningly sophisticated black bridesmaid dresses, to Renee’s amazing bridal styling (check out those gorgeous gloves!).

This wedding was glamour and elegance all the way, and the setting provided the perfect backdrop. Renee & Kyle blended the best of vintage and modern, and I particularly loved how comfortable they were with all those iconic showpieces around the venue.

Check out how natural and devoted these two look while vamping outside that vintage photo booth or sitting down together at the old piano. Iconic!




Just glance at these shots, and you can see it. Renee and Kyle may be soft-spoken, but their style speaks volumes!

Renee rocked a truly unique -- and incredibly breathtaking -- bridal look on her wedding day. That swirling lace, those stunning rhinestones, and that dramatic mantilla veil are great little elements. But put them together on a beautiful bride like Renee? The result is something that’s truly classic. I’m detecting hints of old Hollywood glamour!

Renee & Kyle made my job so easy, just by being themselves. As a photographer, it’s sometimes my job to provide direction and feedback. But with a couple like this? I could just stand back, soak in their incredible love for each other, and let the camera capture their story.


Special Details

Getting married at David’s Country Inn in December allows brides like Renee to take advantage of the rich colors and sweet sentiments of the season. Renee & Kyle did a great job with that! Check out the subtle seasonal touches around David’s Country Inn -- like poinsettia plants, softly lighted holiday garlands, and more. I love how these two added their own spin to that vibe with their gorgeous cream-colored decor and festive floral crowns on the kids in the bridal party. Beautiful!

Now that’s what I call a love for all seasons.

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Congratulations, Renee & Kyle!

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