Sabrina & Jessie

November 16, 2017

Sabrina & Jessie

Venue - David's Country Inn

The venue, the details, the guests … there are only so many things about a wedding that you can control. Every wedding has a number of X factors.

When I met Sabrina and Jessie, they told me loud and clear that they wanted a perfect wedding with great pictures. They didn’t say it in a mean or unrealistic way, but it was clear that good photos were a huge priority for them.

Talk about pressure!

Thankfully, I just had a hunch from that first meeting that these two would be at total loving ease in front of the camera.

Luckily, this was exactly the case!

About the Couple

These two are sweet, devoted and personable. You can see that from the moment you meet them!

In particular, Sabrina has an amazing bond with her mom. (And you can really see the resemblance both ways!)

Jessie is laid-back, fun-loving, and just down-to-earth.

And together? These two are just adorable.


David’s Country Inn is the perfect wedding venue for these two for a couple reasons. First, it’s traditional. Sabrina was a very tradition-oriented bride, and David’s Country Inn provided a built-in gorgeous backdrop for all the meaningful rituals that filled Sabrina and Jessie’s day.

And David’s Country Inn provided so many wonderful details that really pop in the photos. These two have a classic style -- nothing too crazy, nothing too flashy.

That shot of the two of them inside the vintage photo booth is just a perfect encapsulation of the potential at David’s Country Inn. You can’t buy props like that, and when you take advantage of that kind of stuff for your photos, you really end up with something that will stand the test of time.

As such, we were able to take the bolder design elements of the venue -- for example, that show-stopping stained glass ceiling, or the gracefully curving antique staircase -- and really play them off of the quiet elegance of Sabrina and Jessie’s style.

Sabrina has a smile that just makes everyone else smile. These two were positively beaming on their big day! They both put off a sharp, with-it vibe … and yet their relaxation and excitement was so apparent.

For a glimpse at Jessie’s (and his groomsmen’s) fun side, look no further than the shot of them jumping outside the venue, on that distinctive David’s Country Inn brick walkway. They’re just letting off steam!

Sabrina and Jessie read their personal vows to each other. They were both handwritten and deeply heartfelt. Check out how their officiant looks like she’s about to tear up!

This couple took part in the wonderful Jewish tradition of breaking a glass bottle underfoot right during the ceremony.  It certainly made for a great permanent symbol of the moment their union was complete.

This wedding took place over Memorial Day weekend, which is always a great time to bring everyone together with a holiday vibe. That’s a great weekend to get that pre-summer anticipation building, too, and you could really feel that at this event.

The bold floral palette really pops -- those reds, pinks, and oranges really tie this couple’s classic vibe together.

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Congratulations, Sabrina & Jessie!

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