Shannon & Howard

November 16, 2017

Shannon & Howard

Hackensack Golf Club



I love when my brides come to me via referral.

This is what happens in the majority of my assignments, and I’m always humbled. When satisfied brides recommend my services to their friends and family, I consider that to be the highest compliment!

That’s what brought the beautiful Shannon and Howard into my life. This lovely couple doesn’t even live in New Jersey -- they’re Southerners who live in Savannah, GA. But they chose to have their wedding at the Hackensack Golf Club, since much of their family lives in the area.

We hadn’t even met in person until the day of the wedding, but I’m so glad that these two gave me the honor of photographing their big day for them.


About the Couple


These pictures don’t lie: Shannon and Howard are just as graceful and elegant in person as they appear in these images. Everything about them is just Southern charm and timeless style. Their love for each other was obvious and powerful. As a photographer, it was a pleasure any time I found them in the frame of my lens.

The three beautiful young ladies in yellow are Howard’s charming daughters. It was such a treat to get to know them, and as you can see -- the camera loves them!



The Hackensack Golf Club is a members-only club that is simply spectacular. Service is attentive and top-notch, and every detail is attended to. Staff there really went out of their way to make each guest feel special.

The grounds were immaculate. You can really tell that this venue prides itself on excellence. It’s old-school in the best possible way -- it has been open since the 1800s! The decor and styling is classic and upscale. Those wonderful oil paintings and vintage drapes in the sitting room complement Shannon’s modern styling quite well!

For the ceremony portion, Shannon and Howard chose a church. I love the iconic touches that this provides -- such as the beautiful stained glass and those beautiful paintings of Jesus, Mary, and Biblical scenes.



Shannon and Howard project a feeling of calm contentment that I found inspiring. These two aren’t flashy or splashy -- they’re all about the measured, respectful pace of the South. As a result, these two look perfectly poised in each photo. This kind of grace can’t be taught!

Special Details


Yellow was such an inspired choice for wedding color. From the gorgeous goldenrod dresses worn by Howard’s daughters, to the delightful monogram letters on Shannon’s getting ready shirt -- it all complements this happy bride’s delightfully sunny disposition.

The cream and purple bouquets were timeless and classic -- which means they look incredible in the photos!

Shannon’s bridal style is neat, polished, and totally sophisticated. I love the little pops of sparkle that are in her gown’s beading. I like that little flash from the little gemstones in her chignon.

But the thing that sparkles most is that sweet look of love that these two share. No diamond can compete with that!

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Congratulations, Shannon & Howard!

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