Silke & Dane

November 26, 2017

Silke & Dane


When Silke & Dane asked me to be their wedding photographer, we’d never even met.

That’s the kind of amazingly enthusiastic and warm energy that this couple has. These two saw my work online, gave me a phone call, and invited me to photograph their special day. We didn’t even meet face-to-face until a month before their wedding -- and yet everything felt so easy, familiar, and right.

About the Couple

Shortly after Silke moved to the U.S. from Germany, she set up a “very ambitious” online dating profile. Her boldness paid off! Dane was intrigued enough to shoot her a message with a playfully combative Dr. Who joke, and that was all it took to jumpstart an epic romance.

Several years later, during a spur-of-the-moment trip to visit Silke in Germany, Dane popped The Big Question.

Silke didn’t just say yes. She said “Of course!”

That’s exactly the kind of electric energy that filled Silke & Dane’s beautiful wedding day. You can see it in the photos -- from the huge smiles, to the contagious joy, to the effortless elegance.

It’s a magic chemistry that you can’t fake.


Silke and Dane chose the amazing David’s Country Inn as their wedding venue. Their nuptials blended elements from their shared German heritage with the history and Americana of Hackettstown. Many of their guests traveled internationally to attend the wedding, and they absolutely adored the charm of the location. In fact, the reception ran for an extra hour! How often do you get family from all over the world together for one night?

The old school touches of shiny antique brass and hand-carved oak around the venue really made Silke and Dane’s classic color palette pop. The beautiful burgundy bridesmaids dresses looked particularly elegant against the vintage bar, and the happy couple looked positively stunning in their pre-ceremony posed shots outside. The blooming hydrangeas by the garden complemented Silke’s show-stopping white rose cascade bouquet so unbelievably well!


Silke and Dane have a sweet chemistry with each other that made my job so easy. The day was filled with shared secret smiles between them, easy comfort, and just all-around fun. As a wedding photographer, I couldn’t ask for more -- this is the kind of couple that you dream of working with.

From a logistical standpoint, everything was very well-organized and carefully planned. Being German, they kept to a very regimented schedule and things ran like clockwork!

During their courtship, these two bonded over Comic-Con and their self-described “geekiness.” But as you can see, they look like royalty in their formal wear! It was so fun to capture the little pops of drama in their decor choices. Silke was an absolute vision in her beautiful gown. Their shared sense of fun and adventure was on display in everything from the toasts to the cake cutting.

Special Details

David’s Country Inn provided the perfect backdrop for this classically elegant yet unique couple. Flowers were a standout, and the vivid late summer blooms added such a wonderful blush of color to the day. The couple used their surroundings perfectly, and proved to be quite wonderful natural models. (I adore the shot of them bantering in the old phone booth!)

Silke’s look was perfection -- from her delicate crown, to that dress that fit her like a dream -- wow! I wouldn’t be surprised to find a picture of her in the dictionary under “glowing bride.”

And don’t you just love their adorable Shetland Sheepdog, Spock? He’s their baby, so of course he got a special role in the wedding (and a nice-looking canine tux). As their photographer, I loved that -- he’s a very photogenic dog!

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Congratulations, Silke & Dane!

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