Trophy Point | USMA | West Point NY

November 19, 2017

Trophy Point - West Point NY

One of the most spectacular views of the Hudson river is at Trophy Point located on the grounds of the USMA in West Point NY.

It has breath taking views of the Hudson Valley. This area is always buzzing with people taking pictures, milling around and enjoying the view. So how does a wedding photographer manage to move "The Crowd" and commandeer this spot for some formal wedding shots.

Easy. When people see a Major all decked out in his uniform with a beautiful bride by his side you don't have to say a word. They respectfully leave the area but don't go very far. In fact, they usually take out their cell phones and start videoing the bridal party. This is a must stop for wedding pictures.

If you are having your reception at The Thayer Hotel, I recommend reserving their shuttle bus which can hold a large wedding party of 20 or more people because you are waved right through the Military Police security check point. This saves a ton of time and aggravation because they search every vehicle and require a valid ID from all in the car to gain entrance to West Point.

West Point Wedding at Cadet Chapel
Major Boardman dipped his bride at Trophy Point
Husdon Valley Views at Trophy Point West Point NY
Who says Majors in the army can't have fun at Trophy Point
Fall Wedding Formal pictures at Trophy Point
Beautiful Hudson Valley backdrop at Trophy Point
Wedding party posing at Trophy Point
The classic dip your bride picture at trophy point
Beautiful bride on top of the worlf at Trophy point
Gorgeous brides veil driftinh in the wind at Trophy Point
Military Bridal party wedding picture at Trophy Point West Point NY

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